Tim Sheard / Graphic Designer / Photographer / Art Director

Tim Sheard

I have been a graphic designer for over 26 years and have moved into become a professional photographer, with a need for photography in my design work and always art directing photo-shoots is was about time I picked up the camera myself.

Along with my design work I also like to do photo shoots,.. from models to product shots, sometimes spending hours editing to make sure the final image is correct.

Lego was a big part in my early life, creating things started then, it soon followed up with my parents buying me a Cine Camera, I still remember running around with it framing shots.

Music has always been very important to me and I've been very lucky to have designed for Thomas Lang, China Crisis, The Listening Pool (members of OMD) Phil Jones and many more... more recently moving into photography with Reid Anderson, Thomas McConnell, Beatwear and I'm always interested in working with musicians in the future.

I was invited to do some work for Heaven an exhibition at The Tate Liverpool in 1999, followed by exhibiting some of my work in the Liverpool Biennial. Last year having the pleasure of some of my work being archived by the Museum of Liverpool. (2015)

Born in Heswall in 1966, interested in art and music from a very early age, after leaving school I attended Withens Lane Art College and a year later studied Graphic Design at Central Park Art College in Liscard, Wirral.

Soon after leaving Art College I moved down South and worked 'on the board' the best education you can have!